Dress a Girl

Dress A Girl Around the World Logo

Dress A Girl is part of a larger movement with a goal that every girl in the world should have at least one dress to call her own. Our local group has expanded upon that mission to also make pants for boys.

The dresses and pants sewn by the volunteers are sent with missionaries to distribute to the children they encounter on their trips, with a hope that a bright new outfit and the small gift tucked in the pocket will help these children know someone cares about them.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month on the campus of His Helping Hands ministry, 1441 E 37th St North. Sewing machines, fabric and supplies are on site. Volunteers can also sew at home and either bring their items, or one of us will arrange to deliver them.

Mary Patton – 250-7131
Linda Scheck – 734-4306