SVDP Advent Calendar

This Advent season, we want to introduce to you the St. Vincent de Paul Advent Calendar! New posts daily! Starting on December 1st, we will reveal a new and engaging activity each day, that you can do on your own or with friends and family. We will even have a life-size advent calendar in the hallway at church for all to enjoy! Be sure to check back each day during Advent so you don’t miss out on the fun! You can find the most current day, as well as all of the previous days’ activities below or on our social media pages!

The 24th day on our Advent calendar brings us to Christmas Eve! Take some time to pray with your nativity today and thank God for all He has given us, including His only son. If you made a good deed manger, think about all of the good deeds you’ve done over the last 24 days. Reflect on how doing those deeds made you feel and how you can continue this same behavior from now on.


The 23rd day of our Advent calendar is about biblical reflection and we want to encourage you to come up with your own!
Use the Gospel reading from today or maybe the reading from Sunday. You could even pick out a story of Jesus that is special to you. Let the purpose of the reflection be to allow the Gospel to penetrate your heart, not just your head. Read the passage; you may want to read it more than once. Take some time to consider what it says and pray. Does it stir up any questions? Is there someone in the story that you identify with? Does the reading suggest an action or a shift in thought? Elaborate in your prayer on one of those ideas or perhaps something else that is even more personal. Get out a pen and paper or sit down at the computer. Write what is in your heart. This reflection is first and foremost for you. Share it with others if you desire.


Svdp Advent Calendar
On the 22nd day of our Advent calendar, take some time today to attend Adoration. Jesus calls us to do more than just attend mass on Sundays. He wants us to grow in our relationship with Him, and there’s no better place to do that than before the Blessed Sacrament. It is here that Jesus is fully present with us, so may we find the time today to be fully present with Him.
We have Adoration on Tuesdays from 9a-9p. You can also pray in our Adoration Chapel at any time on any day.


The 21st day of our Advent calendar is another opportunity to help others. It has been a challenging year for everyone and still, God calls us to help those in need. So for today, consider donating food, clothing, or personal hygiene products to a local shelter or one of our children’s homes!


The 20th day of our Advent calendar is all about fun! Today is the day to bake some Christmas cookies! Make some for yourself or make some for your neighbors or friends. You pick who you want to share the Christmas cheer with. Check out this website for a list of different kinds of cookie recipes, and be sure to share with us your beautiful creations!


It is easy for us to get caught up in all that is going on in the holiday season. This often means that some things tend to be neglected. We are going to make things easy for you, though. On the 19th day of our Advent calendar, we want to encourage you to take some time to clean. Clean one room or the whole house! Clean your closet or your car. Clean whatever you are able to do. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel when you get just one thing done.


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Today is the 18th day of our Advent calendar. We want to encourage all of you to take some time today to say a special prayer for our priests, seminarians, and all those in religious life.


The 17th day of our Advent calendar is all about our loved ones. Take some time today to write a letter, short note, or card to someone special in your life, letting them know how much they mean to you. This one kind act can really brighten someone’s day!


The 16th day of our Advent calendar is all about you. Find a way today to relax and meditate that works for you. The holiday season can be stressful, so it’s important that we take time to unwind and reflect on ourselves. We suggest trying this 10 minute guided meditation to tame the holiday stress! You can find that meditation here


Today is the 15th day of our Advent calendar, which means we will make our own Christmas Candy Cane Pops! To find the list of ingredients and how to make these festive treats, check out the recipe on Finding Zest And just so you know, these fun little pops go well with a cup of hot chocolate!


Today is the 14th day of our Advent calendar, and we want to spend this day thinking about those who might go without this holiday season. If you are able, donate a gift to a local Angel Tree or toy drive.


On December 13th, we celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy! Our calendar activity calls for us to learn more about St. Lucy and bake one of her traditional cakes! You can find more information on the St. Lucy cake here, or you can find an easy recipe plus an activity for kids here


December 12th is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! The calendar activity for today is to learn about the different Guadalupe celebrations from around the world and/or try to attend a local Guadalupe celebration! We also suggest saying a special prayer to Mary, asking for her intercession on our behalf.
Check out this site for activities and videos on Our Lady of Guadalupe


On our 11th day, we want to encourage you to donate food or toys to a local animal shelter. Our animal shelters are often forgotten when it comes to holiday donations. This holiday season, let’s show our animal friends some love!


Today marks day 10 on our Advent calendar, which means it’s time for a little game! The game is called Kris Kringle, and it can be played in one day or over a series of days; with family or with friends. The point of Kris Kringle is to try and put a gift under the Christmas tree without getting caught. Each person playing must draw the name of another player from a hat. This is who you get your gift for. You now have from today until Christmas to try and leave your gift under the tree! Now, if you play amongst your family, then the tree has to be in a prominent area, and you can only leave your gift during daylight hours. If you play with your friends, you can leave the gift under their tree at any time, so long as you aren’t breaking and entering. Also, you have to be the one to put the gift under the tree – no substitutes! If you get caught, you have to do a kind deed for the person who caught you. If you succeed, you get to open your gift on Christmas Eve! All that’s left to say is this; get creative, have fun, and good luck!


The 9th day of our Advent calendar is all about community. We want to encourage you to donate to our Blessing Box, the Andover Food Bank, or The Lord’s Diner to help out other people in our community this holiday season!


The 8th day on our calendar is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Contrary to what people might think, today, we celebrate the day of Mary’s conception, not the conception of Jesus. Find some time today to pray a rosary for all mothers.


For the 7th day of the Advent calendar, we want to build on the 6th day by encouraging all of you to be St. Nicholas for someone else! You can choose to do this in any form of your liking, but we would also like to introduce you to a new tradition. This one is called the Traveling Christmas St. Nicholas! First, you need a small statue of St. Nicholas (or an angel). Then, find someone in your neighborhood or community that you want to pass on the statue to and do something kind for them. This could be a small gift, a family activity, or just an act of kindness. Anonymously leave the statue on their front door mat one evening with a letter indicating that the spirit of Christmas generosity has touched them and that it is now their turn to pass on a kind act to another family in the area. For more information on the Traveling Christmas St. Nick, you can find it here


On the 6th day of our Advent calendar, we find ourselves at the Feast of St. Nicholas. Take some time today to read about the life of St. Nicholas and learn about some of the different St. Nicholas traditions that are celebrated around the world!
You can find more information on St. Nicholas here:


On the 5th day of our Advent calendar, set aside some time to pray for the intentions of other people. How can you do this? Well, you could pray for the intentions of your family and friends or you can pray for the intentions in the bulletin.


On the 4th day of our Advent calendar, take some time for yourself to start a new book! It can be fiction, nonfiction, autobiography, spiritual reflection, a picture book; whatever you are feeling! This book is for you to enjoy this holiday season.
Staff Recommendations: “St. John Paul the Great: His Five Loves” by Jason Evert, “Inner Compass” by Margaret Silf, “Follow: Your Lifelong Adventure with Jesus” by Katie Prejean McGrady, “Near Dark” by Brad Thor, “How to Be a Pirate” by Isaac Fitzgerald, “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers


For the 3rd day of Advent, we want to encourage all of you to partake in our Advent Pilgrimage!
This year we are putting a new spin on our Nativity scene. Each week during Advent, a different figurine will be added to the Nativity scene, starting with an empty cave. With each new addition, an accompanying reflection will be posted for all to do. These reflections can be found in person and online!


On the 2nd day of our Advent calendar, we encourage all of you to set up your nativity scenes in a special place in your house. This place should be an important spot where you can see the nativity and be reminded of the true reason for the season. And don’t be afraid to use your good deed manger in your nativity! Share pictures of your nativity with us on our Facebook page!


The activity for the 1st day of our Advent calendar is to create a Good Deed Manger. A good deed manger is simply a manger built out of good deeds! Start with an empty manger (feel free to make your own!), and for each act of kindness, you add a piece of straw or strip of paper to the manger. The more straw/paper you add, the softer the bed for Jesus! To learn more about a good deed manger, check out this site!

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