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Stewardship Renewal 2020

Our annual Stewardship renewal is a time to reflect on the gifts that we have been given. This year the diocese theme is “Fiat.”

Fiat is a Latin word, meaning “Let it be done.” When Mary encountered the Holy Spirit her response was, “Let your will be done.”

We have simplified the form to indicate what ministries you plan to continue serving and what you would like to learn more about. By completing this form, you will also provide us with updated contact information. This information became especially important this past year when many families were quarantined and unable to attend Mass. We will continue to keep everyone connected and informed through emails and phone calls.

We realize that during COVID, many of our stewardship opportunities are not available, so it is a good reminder that stewardship is not a “church thing.” but rather something that begins in the home, in the family, and then flows to the parish and wider community.

If you are looking for some new ministry ideas in the midst of COVID, you might consider spending an hour weekly in Eucharistic Adoration, donating items for the Andover Community Food Bank, or volunteering to help make phone calls to homebound people. These are just a few ways you can share your gifts while maintaining a safe distance.

These are difficult times, all the more reason we are thankful for our parish, our faith, and our acts of “Fiat!” Please know that you are in my daily prayers.

Father Ken VanHaverbeke

Online Stewardship Form


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