Wedding Information

Weddings are a celebration for the couple, for their family and for the wider family of the Church. St. Vincent de Paul Church is delighted to be part of this celebration. 

Couples that wish to be married at St. Vincent de Paul Church should contact the office at least 6 months in advance and make an appointment with Fr. Kent. We want to help you in not only planning your wedding, but also provide marriage preparation that will strengthen your relationship and provide greater success in your marriage. So even though at least 6 months is recommended for the preparation, couples are encouraged to start the preparation and planning process as soon as they are engaged. Starting the preparation early also allows you to schedule the date you want.

Preparation for marriage normally includes:

1) A meeting with Fr. Kent to schedule the wedding, fill out paperwork, discuss marriage preparation and wedding planning. 
2) A meeting with Kathleen to schedule the facilities;
3) Couple's counseling using the Prepare/Enrich tool;
4) The introductory class about Natural Family Planning;
5) Participation in either the Unitas Marriage Preparation at St. Vincent's (see below) or Catholic Engaged Encounter.
6) A final meeting with Fr. Kent to discuss your experience of marriage preparation and plan the Wedding Liturgy. 

Contact the office to set up an appointment with Fr. Kent at 316-733-1423.

Planning Your Wedding

Couples meet with Fr. Kent in the month before the wedding to plan in detail for their wedding liturgy. Couples also should communicate with the music director 4 months in advance to reserve the date and at least 1 month in advance to finalize the music. Materials to help you plan the music are included in the folder Fr. Kent gives you during your first meeting with him. 

The following are materials to help you personalize your wedding. These choices should be made before meeting with Fr. Kent to plan the wedding liturgy. Carefully reading and praying with these ritual options and scripture readings will help you appreciate more deeply God's place in your relationship and the sacrament of marriage. 

The Marriage Rite selections includes information to guide the choice of type of wedding liturgy as well as options for the Vows, Reception of Consent, Blessings of Rings, Nuptial Blessing, Final Blessing and Prayer of the Faithful.

Marriage Rite Selections

Old Testament Readings (choose one)

New Testament Readings (choose one)

Gospel Readings (choose one)

There is a Wedding Liturgy Planning Sheet to record your selections before meeting with Fr. Kent to plan the Wedding Liturgy. 

The SVDP Wedding Planning Book contains information for Marriage Preparation, Ceremony Planning, and Music Planning.

Unitas Marriage Preparation

Unitas Marriage Preparation

This ministry is geared to those preparing for the sacrament of marriage. Sponsor couples are matched with engaged couples in this program which extends over 4 or 5 weeks. Experienced volunteers make presentations, provide hospitality, and help couples explore areas of married life, such as finance, children, spirituality, intimacy, values and family background. Contact Teresa Marshall-Patterson for more information.

Teresa Marshall-Patterson
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