November 25, 2018

The December Life Event is today, Sunday, Dec. 2nd and Wednesday, Dec. 5th. It’s about Mary, beyond the Nativity.


The Advent Penance Service will be December 13th at 7:00 PM. We will have several priests here for confessions. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to receive God’s forgiveness and grow in your relationship with God. This sacrament of God’s mercy is an opportunity for us talk honestly with a priest about our struggles, perhaps gain some insight into how to move forward and receive God’s forgiveness. It helps us leave the past behind us so that a new path can be opened up for us to move forward. I also offer the sacrament of reconciliation each Saturday from 4:00-4:40 PM.


Too often the question of the sacrament of reconciliation revolves around whether God can forgive us in other ways. I believe God forgives us before we ask. However, we need to receive the gift of forgiveness so that it can grace our lives. It is one thing for God to give us a gift. God offers many gifts to us each day. However, how many of those gifts do we receive such as gratitude and God’s love. If we received all of God’s gifts and celebrated them, we would live as people filled with love and joy. Too often we fail to receive God’s gifts to us, celebrate them and share them with others. Come receive this special gift of God’s forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation on Dec. 13th. Come receive each week God’s special gift of Christ’s Body and Blood. God wants to give us so much. Are we willing to receive God’s gifts, open them, celebrate them and share them?