November 4, 2018

Stewardship calls us to be fully alive as missionary disciples. Being a missionary disciple doesn’t mean travelling around the world, but instead it’s bringing Christ’s light to every part of your life. The challenge is two-fold. First we need to constant grow in faith so Christ can be seen in us and we can see Christ in others. The Eucharist, Scripture, prayer and community are keys to this growth in Christ. They are an important part of the time we give back to God. They also bring joy and peace to our lives.


The second part of the challenge is to share Christ with others. We do that through service in the Church and beyond. It’s not about preaching, but living in a way that makes God’s love visible and meets of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the person we are with. So reflect on how you are called to live stewardship; how you are called to grow in love of God and neighbor. Make a plan and return your stewardship commitment form by Nov. 18th.


Remember our LIFE Event tonight Sunday, Nov. 4th. It will be repeated Wednesday night on Nov. 7 (adults only on Wednesday).


Bishop Kemme is asking us to join in prayer and penance during this week of Nov. 5-11 in preparation for the U.S. bishops’ meeting this November. He asks us to pray that the bishops may follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in responding to the tragedy of clergy sexual abuse in the Church. Specifically, Bishop Kemme points to the following 3 intentions:  for the healing and support of all victims of clergy sexual abuse; for the conversion and just punishment of the perpetrators and concealers of sexual abuse; for the strength of bishops to protect and lead their people from all harm.


The murders at the Pittsburgh Synagogue were born from hatred and anti-Semitism. These violent acts make the dangers of scapegoating, tribalism and racism tragically visible. These evils come from deep within the human heart. We mourn the victims but we must do more. We must stand against any type of hate speech, which feeds these negative human instincts. Hate speech leads to hateful actions. We as Catholics must never be a part of such speech. Words matter. Internet posts matter. Hatred must be rejected wherever it is seen. Instead we are to see the face of Christ in each and every person on earth. The Holy Spirit calls us to act with love, goodness, gentleness and kindness. We must feed the good instincts of the human person and society toward empathy and love both in our words and actions.