July 1, 2018

Wichita Adore Ministries (WAM) is coming July 14 for Saturday Evening Mass with Adoration of the Eucharist following at 7:00. WAM is a group of young adults that provides special events featuring Adoration of the Eucharist and contemporary music. They will provide the music for our Saturday Mass on July 14th. Then we will have a simple dinner and that will be followed by Adoration in the Worship Space at 7:00 p.m. Come, experience and be led into prayer through the Eucharist and great music. No reservations are needed. Child care will be provided. Check it out at wichitaadore.com


The Anointing of the Sick is a sacrament for those suffering from any kind of life threatening or chronic disease of the mind or body. It also is for those undergoing any serious surgery and is frequently given to the elderly. Vatican II restored the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick to focus on healing and giving strength to those dealing with serious illness as well as provide forgiveness of sins. Prior to Vatican II it was known as extreme unction and only given to those immediately prior to death. Now, we encourage people to seek the sacrament early in an illness as we seek God’s healing and strength to deal with the difficulties of illness. There is no separate sacrament at the time of death.


Please let me know if you would like to receive the Sacrament of the Sick. I can give it to you after almost any Mass or by appointment either here at St. Vincent’s or in your home. Please call the office if you want an appointment or visit. We also will bring communion to your home if you cannot come to Church because of an illness.


July 4th is about more than fireworks. It especially is a time to give thanks for the blessings of living in the United States of America. We are blessed by a country filled with resources and by a government and civic community that provides the rule of law and the good of order to society. Even amidst the political divisions, I believe there is far more that unites us as Americans than divides us. We just do not often talk about our common ideals of opportunity, individual rights, good order in community and shared responsibility for governing ourselves. May we celebrate our country this week. May we remember our blessings and give thanks to God. May we commit ourselves to building up our country, our local communities and the basic civility that allows us to work and live together. Also please stay safe in your travels and fireworks.

June 24, 2018

The Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist is one of the few important feast that take the place of our regular Sunday celebration in Ordinary Time. John the Baptist was remarkable in how his whole life and ministry was about pointing to Jesus Christ. He did not seek fame for himself, but always pointed beyond himself to God sending a messiah. As we serve God, we too are called to point beyond ourselves to Jesus Christ and God’s work. Even when we are called to be a part of God’s work, it is not about us. We are simply messengers like John the Baptist who give credit to God. Our blessing and gratitude comes from being able to be a part of God’s work.


A problem with our building has been discovered. The air ducts for the Daily Mass Chapel have water in them. We recently discovered this problem but it has probably existed for some time. The most reasonable solution is to abandon the underground air ducts since water returns after they are pumped out. Fortunately, we can use the connecting wall with the building to run new ducts along that wall and blow air out into Daily Mass Chapel. The engineer at Commercial Mechanical thinks this idea will work well. Blowing in air from the connecting wall will permanently get rid of all water problems and will cost much less than tearing up the floor in the chapel. They are coming up with a bid for us and we hope to get this project done in the next few weeks. While this project is unexpected, I am not that surprised that this happened since we are at the 25-year mark for the building.


Thank you to all the volunteers who made Vacation Bible School a great success this past week. Everything from the teachers to the decorations of the building were excellent. It is amazing to see all the volunteers and 130 children come together for a week and for everything to run like a well-oiled machine.  Thank you to Pam Cross and her many volunteer for all their hard work this past week. A special thank you to Melissa Cross whose decorations were really amazing.

June 17, 2018

Happy Father’s Day. Congratulations and thank you to all fathers within the parish. You are so important to your children’s lives. Your support, caring, encouragement and love give your children a first glimpse of God’s goodness and love. I especially think of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus on this day. I believe St. Joseph must have been a great father; so great that Jesus was able to use the name “father” or “daddy” (“Abba” in Arabic) to describe the loving relationship he had as the Son of God with God the Father. I believe St. Joseph was a lot more than a provider and protector, but also a loving mentor and an example of faithfulness for Jesus. So I encourage fathers to look to St. Joseph as an example to imitate. So today we thank our own fathers and all the fathers in the parish. We pray for you in this most important vocation.


We welcome Vacation Bible School to our building this week. Each morning 130 children and many, many volunteers will take over the whole building to learn, sing, do crafts and play games. VBS unites learning, fun and rejoicing in our faith. I want to thank Pam Cross and her many volunteer for all their hard work this week as well as many of our staff that will be supporting them.

June 10, 2018

Masstimes.org is an online resource to help you find Sunday or weekday Masses wherever you are. They also have a free app called, “Mass Times for Travel.” Summer is a time to relax and spend time with family. Summer also can be a time when we continue to grow closer to God. If your summer schedule allows a little more time to relax, then take time for prayer, walks with God in nature and perhaps do some spiritual reading. Also stay connected to God through Mass and let God walk with you during your summer adventures.


Many of our Annual Fund projects have been completed. The one major project that has not been completed is the handicapped family restroom. We have been working on plans. We currently are working on finalizing the contract and getting the necessary permissions from the city and the diocese. Work however, will not begin until August because contractors are very busy right now with school projects and some supplies will take time to order. We also want to be able finish the project quickly once construction begins. So August is a much better time to begin. We also have less weddings in August.


The handicapped family restroom will be next to the current restrooms by the Gathering Space. It will be where the current water fountain/bulletin board is located. We will be replacing the water fountains with a combination of high/low fountains, which will be good for both the handicapped and the children. This location is next to the other restrooms and plumbing so it is an obvious choice. However, there will be some inconvenience once work starts because it is so close to the other restrooms. Therefore we want to be able to do it as quickly as possible.

June 3, 2018

The Pastoral Council now has new members nominated by the parish and selected by a committee of current Pastoral Council members. We received 82 different nominations with a number of people being nominated more than once. I was impressed by the quality of all those nominated by the parish. The new members that were selected and willing to serve are: Mary Reece, Brian Cox, Jim Ludwig, Lisa White, Julie Schreiber, Mistee Boatright and Patty Pullman. They join the following members that will continue for another 2 years: Susan Pfeifer, Matt Vainer, Kent Noah, Elizabeth Oshakuade, Jay Jacoby. I want to thank the following members who will be leaving the Pastoral Council for their service: Phil Benedict, Mary Borst, Jessica Dunbar, Leroy Maneth, Paul McNeill, Kerry Seiwert and Michael Wagner.


The Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ celebrates our lives as Christians. We receive Christ to become the body of Christ and to share Christ with others. The Eucharist is God coming to earth, becoming present in his Body and Blood, becoming part of us as the Church, the Body of Christ and then through us, Christ goes out to transform the world. The Eucharist for Catholics is at the heart of our faith. The Eucharist unites us with God through Christ. The Eucharist also calls us to be united to one another in love and compassionate care. The Eucharist embodies the command to love God and neighbor.


The Eucharist demands our utmost respect and reverence, both in our making time for the Eucharist and through reverence in our celebration of the Eucharist. Our reverence for Christ in the Eucharist also should lead us to greater reverence and respect for our brothers and sisters.

Christ presence leads us to reverence whether that is in the Eucharist or his presence in other people.


The Eucharistic Fast is one way we show respect for the importance of what we are doing. We fast for an hour before communion as a way to prepare ourselves for what we are to receive. However, the fast is not meant to be a barrier to receiving communion, but instead reverent preparation. Do not focus on when you ate last. Instead focus on the Eucharist. However, also recognize the value of this reverent gesture that makes us mindful and helps us prepare to receive Christ even before we arrive in Church.