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LIFE (Living Inspired Faith Everywhere) is our parish-wide faith formation program designed to help us grow our relationship with Jesus and each other.  We come together as a church family to enjoy food and fellowship while praying, singing, and learning. Invite your family and friends to an evening of delicious food, creative talks, videos, engaging conversation, and lively music.

LIFE Sessions yearly overall will cover the four principal parts of the Catholic Catechism:

I.      The Profession of Faith (the Creed)

II.     The Celebration of the Christian Mystery (The Sacred Liturgy, especially the sacraments)

III.    Life in Christ (Morality)

IV.     Christian Prayer

2023-2024 Calendar

October 1st          St. Vincent de Paul

November 12th  Morality

February 4th       Creed

March 3rd            Sabbath



5:00 Dinner

5:45 General Session

6:00 Breakouts for Adult and Children (Pre-k through High School)

7:15 Closing

*Nursery available for children 18 months to 3 years old