LIFE is ongoing faith formation for everyone of all ages.

We come together as a church family to enjoy good food and fellowship while praying, singing, and learning together. LIFE is for the entire family, singles, and married couples without children. Anyone of any age will find the experience enriching and enjoyable. LIFE meets on scheduled Sunday's and Wednesday's. Dates posted on parish calendar. Multiple opportunities to volunteer: greeting, cooking, serving and teaching.


What to Expect When You Come to LIFE:

  • Someone to greet you & help you find a table
  • A delicious dinner & relaxing conversation
  • Child care after dinner for children ages one to three
  • Community prayer & singing
  • A dynamic introduction to the
  • theme for the evening
  • Children break out for faith formation that's fun at the age level
  • Adult presentation & discussion of the topic
  • Inspirational closing, summarizing the evening

Susie Wilson
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