Family Traditions

 Value of Family Traditions:

1. Creates memories

2. Links the past to the present—gives children roots

3. Provides a comforting rhythm to the cycle of family life

4. Establishes family identity—"We do it this way."

5. Builds family unity and a sense of closeness

6. Highlights the significance of special occasions

7. Communicates how a family values each other

 Tips for Traditions

1. Keep them simple

2. Make them fun

3. Center them on values and relationships

First Date

This would be a great tradition to start with your children. You could also change it up and have mother and son date! Be creative and pack a picnic, eat on the patio, or take the child out to dinner at their favorite restaurant. After dinner, let them choose what the rest of your evening will look like. These memories will last a life time! Watch the video below and be inspired!