Shared Ideas

Seven Gifts of the Spirit - The day after we celebrated the Ascension, I wrapped seven gift boxes to represent each of the seven Gifts of the Spirit. I placed a slip of paper with a description of each gift and a family discussion question. I also put in little something extra to help the kids remember each gift, such as: For the gift of knowledge, I filled the box with Smarties! Then, we opened one gift a day through Pentecost.  Here is the link to the website I found this idea: . I did make some adjustments to suit my family.  submitted by Susie

We taught our children that God’s name was holy & should never be used carelessly. We told them that the devil was happy when people used God’s name in vain, but that we could undo the devil’s work by blessing God’s name when we heard it thrown around or coupled with swear words. The concept of frustrating the devil delighted our kids. Whenever we heard God’s name used in vain on TV, there would be a chorus of, “Blessed be God’s name” & knowing smiles all around. submitted by Gayle