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Growing Faith-Filled Kids Blog

This page is designed as a place for parents to get feedback on questions they have about growing faith-filled kids. Anyone may raise a question & also respond to other questions. Hopefully, the gathered wisdom of our community will be a rich resource for all parents.

What would be the best way for me to get involved as a volunteer? How or who should I get into contact with?

Answer: Thanks for the question! We have many opportunities for people who want to volunteer in children's ministries. In fact, our programs would not be the success they are without our great volunteers! You could call the office (733-1423) or email Susie Wilson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  or Michele Carlini (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We would love to visit with you to determine what your interests are as far as volunteering & get you pointed in the right direction. We have many ministries to choose from such as: Children's Liturgy of the Word, Kids4Christ, LIFE catechist, and Breakfast of Champions. We look forward to hearing from you!

When should we start praying with our child?

Answer: Short answer: Right away. As you rock your infant, you could join a simple prayer to the rocking rhythm. “Jesus loves Logan, Logan loves Jesus.” Let your baby hear cd’s of Christian music for children early on. Let it soothe them in the car & falling asleep. Hang a picture of Jesus in your baby’s room, & make it part of your child’s nighttime routine to say, “Night, night” to Jesus.

How do I explain to my kids why we need to go to Mass each weekend?

Answer: The first answer that comes to mind is that it means a lot to Jesus to have us there. I think this response will resonate better with young children than giving them a theological answer. It’s kind of like Grandma. She knows we love her all the time, but it makes her so happy when we come to visit and that’s the only way we get to enjoy her fresh baked cookies! Jesus blesses us with special gifts of peace and strength and joy when we make the effort to come to Mass too. Older children will understand that absence is hard on relationships.

An hour is a long time for little children to be quiet! How can I help my kids get more out of Mass?

Answer: Encourage them to go to Children’s Liturgy of the Word. They can join the other children in the daily chapel, where they will hear the readings & homily in words they can understand. Let them go get a hug from Father & drop their offering in his basket. It can be a coin, or a picture, or note with a kind act they did during the week written on it. You might challenge your little ones to try to remember one thing they heard from the readings or the homily to tell you after Mass. Talk about that one thing with them. Call it Jesus’ special word to them for the week. Talk about what that word might mean for them. This is great driving home conversation. Encourage them to join in the responses and singing. It will make the time go much faster. As your children get older & can understand, explaining the meaning of the different parts of the Mass will help too.

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