Links & Resources

Below are some great resources for exciting ways to make faith part of your everyday routine. We invite you to explore these websites:

The Power of Family Meals- This website is a packed with recipes, tips for conversation, articles, and much more. If you want to improve the most of meal time with your family, spend some time on this website!

Mark Hart- Explore each Sunday's Gospel reading with Mark Hart's 3 minute video. Mark Hart is also know as the "Bible Geek" and is involved in LIFETEEN. He is sure to captivate your teen with his knowledge of scripture! Check it out!

Strong Catholic Families Faith- This website is PACKED full of great ideas for the building faith at home. Take some time to explore this website. It will be well worth your time!

VibrantFaith@home-This is a priceless resource. It has activities for all the seasons as well as every age group. Plus, the activities are all done for you which is a big bonus for our busy households!

Loyola Press- Great website for incorporating faith into your daily life. It has family activities as well as tips for making the most out of your family's mealtime.

Catholic Icing- This website has great ideas for young children. Crafts, food, fun, and games!

Domestic Church- Packed full of resources for sacraments, books, and prayers. Check this site out, it's loaded with information for the domestic church.

Catholic Cuisine-If you LOVE to cook, this is a website for you! Plenty of creative ideas using food to help your family celebrate the liturgical year!


Check out these books!


Raising Faith-Filled Kids

Tom McGrath offers tips and tools to help parents nurture discipline, virtue, and hope in their children. He uses examples from his own experience with his family and stories from others to help parents bring faith into their everyday routines. This book offers 23 "Action Tips" for parents as well as a discussion guide for groups.

Mary Reed Newland's book, The Year & Our Children, is a timeless classic. They have recently released a new edition, which is very exciting since it has been out of print for many years. It is full of prayers, crafts, activities, and litanies. This book is filled with delightful stories, insights, and lessons for all to enjoy!

This book, Saintly Celebrations & Holy Hoildays, by Bernadette McCarver Snyder is a great resource for any household with young kids. The book is divided out by each month of the year and has wonderful, easy, and imaginative ideas to create your own Catholic family traditions.

The Big Book of Ideas has an array fun activities, projects, and crafts! The book is arranged alphabetically for easy reference. Some of the activities featured in this book include a penny walk, Native American talking stick, and much more!