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What a blessing our parish is! For us to continue our ministries each year, the parish asks for your assistance with an Annual Fund Drive, which raises capital for repairs to our physical home. These repairs are the result of 30 years of continued use of our facility.

Our goal this year is $175,000. The projects which are either underway or needed are:

  • Continued projects for the new chiller, such as replacing a pipe from the chiller, which is over 30 years old, and was found to be leaking with the new chiller system;
  • Roof leaks are a perpetual challenge, but we keep up with them!
  • Our main sewer line needs to be repaired;
  • Replacement windows on the 2nd floor Education Wing;
  • Removal and replacement of trees;
  • Replacement of rusty door frames;


None of these projects are very glamorous, but all are necessary! Other projects which we would like to address are:

  • Gathering Space carpet and renewal; Parish Office carpet replacement; countertop replacement; and other building updates.


Thank you for your continued support of our parish!

Father Kenneth S. VanHaverbeke

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