July 30, 2017

Faith Formation for All

Sign-ups for 1st Communion/Reconciliation will continue through August. We also will have sign-ups in August for Confirmation preparation (High School age) and Breakfast of Champions (Grades 3-5) as well as Kids Small Groups (Grades K-5).

The Kids Small Groups are a new program this year. They are for children in grades K-5. They will take place between the Sunday Masses twice a month. We believe friendships are key in passing on the faith for both adults and children. I remember the older pastors telling me years ago that the faith is not so much taught as caught. We want to create small groups for kids that foster friendship and an atmosphere where kids can learn from one another in a structured environment led by an adult mentor. The groups will be kept small so the kids can genuinely share their experience and stories with one another. They will not be classes although they will use materials and activities based on the Sunday readings. We will have sign-ups in August and we are still looking for adult mentors and responsible teens.

Breakfast of Champions takes place one Sunday a month between the 9 and 11:00 Masses and uses a Bible hero’s story and some hands-on activity to teach a faith lesson. It is for children in grades 3-5 and their families. It includes breakfast and takes place in the Ville. I have consistently heard great reviews from the families going to Breakfast of Champions. Sign-ups starting in August.

Confirmation preparation is for High School students that have not been confirmed. It takes place in small groups and uses the Decision Point program by Matthew Kelly. The combination of small groups and the Decision Point program creates a great opportunity for youth to grow in faith. We will be doing sign-ups for both students and adult leaders in August.

Our LIFE events for the whole family will continue once a month as they have in the past. They give the whole family and all adults an opportunity to grow in faith. We have sign-ups each month because we need fairly accurate numbers to plan for the meal.

Adult Small Groups also will be continuing in some cases and forming anew in other cases this fall. The small groups allow people to connect with community and learn based on their current interests. Adult small groups respect we are at different places on our spiritual journeys. They provide a variety of groups to meet the different needs people have.  Sign-ups will take place in September.

If you have any questions about any of the above, contact the office for more information.