July 23, 2017

Our new 5:00 Saturday music leader will be Bryan Miller. He is the choir and band director at Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School and has led choirs in parishes for years. Bryan is a gifted vocalist and plays a wide variety of musical instruments. There are no plans to change the style of music although there will be the normal addition of new songs over time. We feel very blessed to welcome Bryan to the St. Vincent music ministry. He will be taking over in August.

I want to thank Austin Freeman who has led the music at 5:00 on Saturdays for the past few years. We will miss his musical gifts as well as how his heart and soul came out in his music. We also will miss Austin for all the ways he has shared his gifts behind the scenes and especially his expertise with audio and video equipment. He has been our troubleshooter for our most difficult audio and video problems. We wish Austin well as he moves to Orlando, Florida to continue his education.

Please welcome Fr. Babu Pinninti this weekend for the Diocesan Missionary Plan of Cooperation. Fr. Babu is a Missionary of St. Francis de Sales. There is no special collection since part of our gifts each week support the missions through our parish tithe to the diocese. The presence of Fr. Babu and others that speak about the missions allows us to connect our support of the missions to a person and community. I personally want to thank Fr. Babu for taking my place during my vacation.