July 16, 2017

Fundraiser reaction!!!  I found out at least some people read my bulleting column about needing to cut back the number of fundraisers announced at Mass and taking place in the Gathering Space. A number of people have expressed their appreciation and look forward to hearing fewer fundraising appeals. I heard from at least one group that has examined their fundraising and plan to reduce their number of appeals to the parish. Other people have expressed a fear there will be no opportunity to have fundraisers to support worthy causes.

First, I am not suggesting we eliminate all fundraisers. However, we do need to reduce the number of fundraisers because the multiplication of requests dilutes the effectiveness of all requests as people tune out during announcements. In the end, all the groups end up working harder to receive less and less funds. I want people to first talk within their groups. Then come August 24th to a meeting and work with me to discern what kind of fundraising policies can help sort out what is worthwhile and what is only marginally effective. I especially challenge groups that have multiple fundraisers during the year to consider how they can reduce their appeals. I want us to tackle this problem together.

Finally, I once again want all groups to better tell the “Good News” of what you are doing. Write short inspiring stories of what you are doing to help people. Something also tells me those short inspiring stories will generate more income for your group than any fundraiser. Writing a 2 or 3 paragraph story is far easier than planning a fundraiser, yet it is seldom done.

I still want to hear your thoughts about fundraisers, so send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You can make an appointment to meet with me during the first half of this week as I will be going on vacation after Mass on Friday.

 Transportation help needed from Victoria Falls Assisted Living. One of the residents is very able to walk and travel and wants transportation to either weekend or daily Masses. Call Kathleen in the office if you are able to help.