March 12, 2017

Susie Wilson will be our new Director of Faith Formation. She will be taking over all the planning, organizing and volunteer coordination for our faith formation programs. Susie’s gifts of a vision for faith formation, organization and volunteer coordination will continue to be a great asset to our faith formation programs. Susie has worked with our faith formation programs here at St. Vincent’s for 11 years and has been instrumental in developing and growing our programs such as Time Travelers and Small Groups. I look forward to the ways Susie will help us grow and develop our faith formation programs in the future.


Gayle Beuke will be semi-retiring and will step down as Director of Faith Formation, but will continue presenting LIFE programs and Breakfast of Champions as well as advising as needed. The official change will happen August 1st. I thank Gayle for sharing her gifts and her dedication to faith formation at St. Vincent’s for the past 17 years. I look forward to this transition as we adapt these positions to use the gifts of both Susie and Gayle to the full.


Eve Baker will be taking over the Edge Middle School youth ministry. Shelly Swearingen needed to hand over the ministry because of family demands. We hope Eve will bring the same life and energy to Edge as she has to Lifeteen. Hopefully some new synergies will also be found between the two ministries. I want to thank Shelly Swearingen for all she has done for the middle school youth this past year.


We have begun Our Annual Fund projects with tile on the walls of the Church to replace the worn wallpaper. This project will take a couple more weeks to complete. I want to thank Shane Atwood, Gayle and Phyllis Hilger for their hard work on this project. The next project will be to replace the ceiling tile and lights in the south part of the Gathering Space. I thank you for your patience during the construction process.

To support the Annual Fund, please return the pledge card or your gift during the next couple of weeks. Thank you in advance for your support.