March 5, 2017

Lent is here. Choose a Lenten practices that will help you grow in faith. Perhaps that is reading the Bible or a spiritual book. Perhaps it is adopting a practice of prayer each day. Perhaps it is fasting. Perhaps it is doing charity work. Perhaps it is going to daily Mass one day each week or joining in Soup and Stations at 6:00 PM on Fridays. I know many people found our 5:30 PM Wednesday Evening Mass to be a great Lenten practice. One online resource you may want to check out that will emphasize the main themes of the book “Resisting Happiness” is and their best Lent ever program. Sign up and you will receive a 2-3 minute video each day. Make a plan and live your plan so that Christ joy might become your joy during this Lent.


The Wednesday Evening Mass at 5:30 PM will be in the Worships Space rather than the Daily Chapel.


Remember our LIFE event—Steps to Forgiveness is this Sunday, March 5th and Wednesday, March 9th.


Lent is a time for abstinence from meat on Fridays as a nod to tradition, but also as a small way to be in solidarity with all those who do not have enough to eat. Traditionally fish is allowed as it is not a warm blooded meat. 


Our Annual Fund this year will address many of the hundred small things that can make a building show its age. We want to do a number of projects such as tile the floor in the catacombs, replace the wallpaper in the Worship Space with tile, replace the lights and tile ceiling above the south side of the Gathering Space and in the Reconciliation Chapel, update technology where needed as well as accomplish a number of other smaller projects. We plan to do most of these projects with the gifts of the time and talents of maintenance staff and volunteers. We also hope to pay-off the remainder of the loan for the Heating and Air replacement for the north part of the building. To support the Annual Fund, please return the pledge card or your gift during the next couple of weeks. Thank you in advance for your support.