April 8, 2018

An Active Shooter Training session will be held here at St. Vincent’s on April 16th at 7:00 in the Ville. We are encouraging ushers to attend and all interested parishioners are invited. The training will be offered by Chris McAuliffe a parishioner and Wichita police officer who has done this training many times before. It teaches people how to react to an active shooter situation whether that is here at St. Vincent’s or elsewhere.


It is extremely unlikely that we will have an active shooter situation here at St. Vincent’s. It is a very low probability event, probably thousands of times less likely than being killed in a car accident. Therefore, I do not want to turn the building into an armed camp or have security at every door. We must not give into unreasonable fear and let it steal our sense of hospitality. It is very unlikely that anyone will encounter such a situation here or our elsewhere in their lives. However, it is good to have an awareness of how to respond. It is kind of like a tornado shelter. We probably will not be struck by a tornado, but we need to have it anyway (maybe that’s not the best example for St. Vincent’s). It also is good if everyone is aware of where the exits are in the unlikely event of a fire. It is the same with knowing how to respond in the unlikely event of an active shooter. So come and find out on April 16th.


Our April LIFE Event is this Sunday, April 8th (everybody) and Wednesday, April 11th (adults only). It is about Empowering Change.


Congratulations to all our First Communicants this weekend and the next two weekends. We divide up our first communicants so they can all have an active part in the celebration. We also want them to celebrate their first communion at the Mass they normally attend surrounded by the community they will be celebrating with in the future.


Full time youth minister wanted for St. Vincent’s starting in June. Eve Baker, our youth minister is moving to California. Therefore, we are looking for someone to lead our youth ministry for High School and Middle School. Candidates must have a living Catholic faith, self-initiative, good communication skills and the ability to work with youth and staff.  A degree in religious studies is a plus. Contact the parish office at St. Vincent’s (316-733-1423) for an application form and send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I will be taking applications through April 16th.