February 18, 2018

Free of debt: We just made the last payment of $22,500.00 to pay off the loan for the Heating and Air System for the north part of the building.  The parish is now free of debt. This payment also concludes last year’s Annual Fund projects.

Since the debt is paid off, the Annual Fund this year can tackle some large and small projects that have been on the back burner for a few years. The biggest project will be a Universal Access Family Restroom. It will be located near the current restrooms where the water fountain currently sits. A Universal Access Family Restroom solves 2 problems. First it creates a handicapped accessible restroom on the main floor since our current restrooms are not wheelchair friendly. Secondly, it will allow for someone to care for their handicapped spouse without any embarrassment as well as allow for parents to care for children of the opposite sex. It also is simpler to add a separate handicapped restroom rather than adapt our current restrooms. Finally, placing it by the main hallway would allow it to serve the whole main floor.

Other projects include:
Replacement of windows in the offices;
Replacement of our phone system that is now 25 years old;
Creating an HVAC Replacement Contingency fund for the aging equipment in the south part of the building;
Providing materials to leverage our labor to make other improvements throughout the building.

Annual Fund information and pledge cards are being sent out now. Help us care for our building and all who use our building.