January 28, 2018

Small Group sign-ups are this weekend. These groups are a great way to grow in faith during Lent and beyond. There are groups reading “Rediscover Jesus”, other book studies, Bible studies as well as Kapaun’s Mens groups in the morning and evening. There also is a Marriage Enrichment group that will meet just 4 times during Lent. Finally, there are a variety of crafts, social and service groups for men and women. Check out the groups after Mass or on our website. Sign up now because some of the groups are starting in the next couple of weeks.

Catholic Schools week celebrates the accomplishments of Catholic Schools in handing on the faith and educating children and youth. St. Vincent’s does not have a Catholic School but supports the children of our parish that attend other Catholic primary and high schools. If you are interested in putting your children in a catholic school, contact the St. Vincent’s office. We will work with you in making arrangements with the school of your choice.

Being Church in the Digital Age is our LIFE Event this Sunday, January 28th (Everyone) and Wednesday the 31st (Adults Only).

Prayer comes from the heart. Prayer is more than a repetition of words. Prayer is sharing our lives and hearts with God. Sometimes we might use words. Sometimes prayer is just a heart to heart sharing with God in silence. However, the heart is always the key to good prayer. Both the Old and New Testaments highlight the heart as the place of prayer. However, too often we start and end with the head. We focus our thoughts and attention, but forget to focus our desires and hearts on God. Focusing the desires of our heart are the key to prayer. We go to God with desire just like a young person in love might go to meet their fiancé.

Listening in prayer also is more often a listening of the heart than the head. God most often speaks to us heart to heart, which usually is not about words at all. Instead, we must pay attention to the subtle movements of feelings and desires of the heart. So go to God with the desires of your heart. Pay attention as God subtly touches you through the movements of the heart. Be comfortable with silence. Prayer is not about accomplishing something, but quietly spending time with God.