January 21

Being Church in the Digital Age is our next LIFE Event. We will focus on how the digital age has shaped the younger generation and with hope, how we as Church need to adapt to thrive in this digital age. Matt Vainer, the diocesan Director of Communications will be the main presenter. This LIFE Event is next Sunday, January 28th (Everyone) and Wednesday the 31st (Adults Only). Sign up online or at the table below the LIFE banner.

Small Group sign-ups are this weekend and next, January 20-21 & 27-28. Get involved to connect with other parishioners and grow in faith. There are groups focused on everything from Scripture study to book studies to simply gathering for shared interests or service. We also are open to leaders wanting to start any type of a small group.

Respect Life:  This is a weekend is the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. It is a time to reflect on respecting life from conception throughout life. The Catholic Church seeks to protect human life and promote human dignity. The Church not only works for legislative solutions, but also provides practical help for women needing help to give birth to their child as well as support for the most vulnerable people in society. The issue of abortion is at the forefront this weekend since there are over 650,000 abortions every year in the United States.

However, respect for life does not end at birth. We as a Church and nation cannot advocate for children before birth without caring for them after birth. It also requires us to fight poverty as 21% of children in the United States live in poverty, the majority of which have at least one parent that works full time. We have one of the highest poverty rates among children of any developed country. We often talk of respecting life from conception till natural death. Such language must not lead us to forget the time in between. May we continue to work to protect human life and dignity at all stages of life. May that work be more than political action, but also include real action to help people and find community based solutions that help women, reduce the number of abortions, reduce the number of children in poverty and promote human dignity at every stage of life. Each and every person is created in the image and likeness of God.