December 17, 2017

Christmas Eve Masses are at 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00 PM on Sunday, Dec. 24th. Our one Christmas Day Mass is at 10:00 AM. The 4:00 PM Mass on Christmas eve is the one Mass that is crowded and overflowing so I would advise coming early if you want to get a seat in the Worship Space. The rest of the Masses should have plenty of room for everyone. Our various choirs will sing at the Christmas Eve Masses.

Our Sunday schedule will not change for the weekend of Dec. 23-24. And in case you are wondering, both Sunday and the Christmas Masses are obligatory, especially since Christmas is one of the great feast of the Church. There is no one Mass that fulfills both days since they are different liturgies. You also may receive communion at more than one Mass on Dec. 24th. Going on Saturday night at 5:00 PM for Sunday would be a great way to avoid going to 2 Masses in 1 day.

A Community Christmas is this Sunday, Dec. 17 from 6-8 p.m. at St. Vincent’s. Santa will be here and we will have a spaghetti dinner for everyone. We also will have choirs doing Christmas carols. Come and invite your friends.

The Parish Offices will be closed on Dec. 25-26 for Christmas. We will be open Dec. 27-29.

Support the mission of St. Vincent’s within and beyond our Church walls. Year-end gifts are needed and most appreciated. These special year-end gifts support everything from music and liturgy, to faith formation for all ages, to youth ministry, to children in Catholic Schools, to the St. Augustine Indian Mission, to our work helping those in need in the Andover community and beyond. Your generosity and the gifts of your time and talent allows us to do so many good things. You can always give in person or you can go online and give at .

Our Christmas collection is for the retired priests and seminarians. The diocese currently has 46 seminarians and 23 retired priests. Your support is most appreciated as this one collection is the primary support for our future and retired priests.