November 12, 2017

Our Stewardship Renewal is underway.Stewardship is a practical way to follow Christ and grow as a disciple. The treasure aspect of stewardship is the most sensitive. However, Jesus and Old Testament scriptures frequently talk about our use of treasure since it reflects what we truly value. Scripture tells us to tithe, a word that means a “tenth” or 10% of one’s income. The faithful were to give 10% from the first fruits of the harvest as an act of faith that God would care for them. The gift from the first fruits rather than the leftovers made it an act of faith. Their tithe provided for the temple/synagogue and for care of the poor.

Today we speak of tithing in the same way with the diocese recommending giving 8% to the parish and 2% to other charities. Since we do not have a school, you might want to adjust those percentages to give more other charities, or to groups in the parish that help those in need. However, the 10% tithe to Church and charities is a good benchmark. If the 10% seems impossible, start at 2 or 3% and try to grow that by 1% per year. Giving a percentage as first fruits connects our gifts to God’s gifts to us. Making it the first fruits rather than leftovers makes our gifts an act of faith. So during this time of stewardship renewal, consider how God has blessed you with financial resources. Consider how scripture asks us to return a percentage of those gifts back to God.  Prayerfully fill out your stewardship renewal. Sign it as a pledge to God and send it back to the parish so we can help you grow as a follower of Christ.

We welcome a rather large group of catechumens and candidates at the 11:00 Mass this weekend that are learning about the Church through the RCIA process. Please pray for them in the coming months that their journey from now until Easter and beyond will be a journey of growth in love of God and community.

Our Book of Remembrance is in the Gathering Space below the photos of those that have died in the parish. Please write the names of your loved ones who have died during the past year in the Book of Remembrance. We will pray for them throughout this month.

Please Slow Down in the parking lot. Children are running around. We want to keep everyone safe.

Please lock your cars and remove purses, computers and other valuables. They are much safer in Church than in your car. Especially since it gets dark so early, items left in cars attract thieves. We have had occasional problems in previous years.