October 1, 2017

Our Next Life Event is on Sunday Oct 8th or Wed. Oct. 11th. The focus is Learning About Your Neighbor’s Faith. We will look at Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Native American Spirituality. We will get below the externals to look at the heart of each faith. This event is part 2 following a session last April about the uniqueness of our Catholic Christian faith. Hopefully it will help us grow in love and understanding even amidst our differences. Sign up now in the Gathering Space or online. Please note that only the Sunday session will have children’s breakouts in order to facilitate large enough groups to provide a good experience for the children and youth. Wednesday evenings will primarily be for adults. LIFE Events are for the whole family and are a great way to continue to grow in faith.

Growing in your own faith is one of the most important things you can do to bring faith to others. When people see you more at peace, more generous, and more loving, they will be attracted. They may wonder what is bringing you this peace. You may be able to better listen and encourage them. The same is true for parents. Children see what is important to you. If they see you take time for prayer, prayer will be important to them. If they see you participate in the parish in a way that gives you joy, they will want to be included. If they see growth in faith, they will be drawn to faith. Too often we see evangelization as preaching to others which is off-putting. Start by growing in your own faith and prayer. You may be surprised how that growth touches the people around you.

We grow in faith through prayer, spiritual reading, acts of service and community. We have many ways of growing in faith at St. Vincent’s from Sunday Liturgy to LIFE Events to small groups to many opportunities to serve. Get involved and grow in your own faith. Give God a bit of room to work and God can do wonderful things in your life and the lives of people around you.

Thank you to all who helped with the Fall Festival and Greater Andover Days. One new thing we had as part of Greater Andover Days was a float in the parade, which was done by the youth. Great job and thank you to everyone involved.