Pastoral Council

 Phil Benedict                           Jill Bouwens             Lisa Butler             Rose Gangel                  

 Philip Guillemette                    Nancy Hughey          Steve Knolla          Frank Molnar                      

 Patrick Oshakuade "Youth"     Susan Pfeifer           Terry Pullman         

Lynnette RauvolaBouta           Sophie Rogers          Angie Urenda                  

Finance Council

Development Comm.

The Development Committee is comprised of individuals from our parish, the pastor and the Director of Development. Each member possesses a range of qualifications based on their individual business profession. Those skills include various fields of finance (banking, investments, CPA’s), law, business ownership and business management. This combined knowledge and experience are used to help identify parish financial needs, construct an action plan to fulfill those identified needs, and then monitor the efforts being made to achieve positive results. Each member of this committee chooses a particular aspect of development to focus on. Those areas include memorials, stewardship, planned giving, major gifts, and donor public relations. Copies of the job descriptions for each of these areas can be obtained from the Director of Development. Mission Building parish community both spiritually and financially by; identifying parish needs, organizing the efforts to fund these needs; and marketing the parish needs to existing and potential parishioners. We at St. Vincent de Paul Church cherish the memory of all those who have died. Their lives serve to inspire us as we continue on our faith journey. Our parish family welcomes memorial donations as a way to remember loved ones. You may establish one at any time. The name of the person being remembered is entered into our Book of Remembrance and listed in the newsletter. The Book of Remembrance is kept on display in the gathering space during certain times of the year. Any memorial of $1,500 or more is also acknowledged with an engraved brick in the Marian Garden. Memorial funds are used to support the ongoing mission of our parish. You may designate any ministry as the recipient of the funds. When gifts for your loved one are received from others, you are notified and a thank you is sent from the parish to the donor.