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Dillons Rewards Program


Dillons Reward Program is Changing

We are excited to let everyone know that our Dillons program just got easier, no more reloading your card before purchases.  All you have to do is enter your information online with Dillons and a percentage of what you spend on groceries, prescriptions, etc. is credited to St. Vincent.  Over the past few years, this has generated over $34,000 in additional income for our parish, so your participation is important! To sign up, follow these simple instructions or contact Michele in our parish office.

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Pastor's Perspectives

June 21, 2015

Vacation Bible School took place this past week with a record 144 children participating and over 60 youth and adult volunteers. I want to thank Fran Wuestewald and all the volunteers and staff that work so hard to make Vacation Bible School a great success.

Pope Francis issued a new encyclical called “Praised Be” on our stewardship of the environment. I am sure there will be an abundance of commentators giving their take on the document.  However, most commentators will praise or criticize the encyclical based on their previous viewpoint and political categories.  I suspect many with offer their comments without even reading the whole document. Pope Francis however throughout his life has used a way of thought that transcends political categories and instead gets to the deeper root of issues from the perspective of faith and Jesus Christ.  My recommendations are twofold.  First read the document.

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