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October LIFE Event

The theme of our first LIFE event this year is the “Humanity of Jesus.” The goal of the evening is to deepen our relationship with Jesus as we grow our understanding of his humanness.  When we make mistakes, we often fall back on the phrase, “I’m only human!” Yet, the fact that the Son of God became a human being is the greatest affirmation we could possibly have of our humanity! St. Irenaeus, a great theologian from the second-century said, “The glory of God is the human person fully alive.”

The LIFE event begins with dinner at 4:45 on Sunday, Oct. 5 or 5:45 on Wednesday, Oct. 8. Following dinner, there is an opening presentation of the theme for all ages. Then we break out in groups for in-depth age appropriate learning. After an hour, we reassemble for the closing—announcements, prayer, music. We’re finished by 7:15 on Sun. & 8:15 on Wed.

If you are a faithful LIFE participant, share the joy by bringing a guest. If you are new to LIFE,  find out what you’ve been missing! You can reserve your place at the Oct. LIFE event right now by clicking the link below.

Reserve your place here

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Junk in the Trunk & Upscale Garage Sale

Saturday, September 27 from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Load up your car trunk and sell your "stuff."  This is a great opportunity to clear out your closets, and sell items from your vehicles.  The $25.00 Sellers fee entitles you to one space to park and an adjoining space to set up your items to sell.  One vehicle per space allowed. For more information contact Kathleen @733-1423 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Donate items to our Upscale Garage Sale, all donations are tax deductible and will fund our Vacation Bible School.  Please consider donating your once upon a time treasures that may be just what someone else is looking for.  Contact parish office to donate items (sorry, no clothing)

What else can I do?  Start planning your baked items for our Bake Sale, or if you enjoy knitting, crocheting, etc, we will have handcrafted items for sale.  Call the parish office if you are able to volunteer.

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Happy Birthday, LIFE

Happy birthday to LIFE! LIFE (Living Inspired Faith Everywhere) is 10 years old! Life is one of the main ways our parish seeks to deepen the faith of all parishioners. LIFE is for everyone. Here are the top ten reasons for coming to LIFE:

10. LIFE is a great way to make friends & connect with other parishioners.

9.  LIFE is something the whole family can experience together & talk about afterwards.

8.  Dinner is served at LIFE. It’s delicious and it’s free!

7.  LIFE enables us to navigate the 21st Century with more than an 8th grade understanding
of the Faith. Learn something new every time.

6.  Coming to LIFE is a way to give God some quality time in my life.

5.  Missing LIFE is missing out on the heart of faith formation at SVDP.


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Images of Jesus

It’s the Year of Jesus at St. Vincent’s. We are all invited to focus on Jesus in the weeks and months ahead. So what better way to begin, than to behold His image as envisioned by artists throughout the centuries! Our own artist, Sister Kathy Vasselli, has put together a collection of images from a wide variety of artists. Each has something unique to say about our Lord. Sister Kathy has added a short history of the work &/or a reflection, as a starting place for our own pondering. The “gallery” will be available for the next few weeks. Don’t miss this “feast for the eyes.”


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Growing Faith-Filled Kids

Growing Faith-Filled Kids:  Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Today we celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. It is a good time to teach or remind your children about the Sign of the Cross. After reviewing the words of the prayer, have your child form a cross with tongue depressors or pop-sickle sticks. Glue them together to form a cross. Then have the children write the order in which they make the Sign of the Cross with numbers (“1” at the top, “2” at the bottom, “3” on the right side and “4” on the left as the cross is facing them. Let them decorate the cross. Glue a string or yarn to the cross and they can wear it.

Growing Faith-Filled Kids: Birth of Mary

Tomorrow,Monday, Sept. 8th ,is the feast of the Birth of Mary, Jesus’ mother. It’s a good time to remind your children that Mary is the Mother of Jesus and that we believe she was born without sin. Explain to them that Mary is our mother too, since Jesus gave her to us when he was dying. Because Jesus is our brother, Mary is our mother. You may want to make a birthday cake and frost it with white or blue frosting (the traditional colors for Mary). Put ten candles on the cake, light them & then pray a “Hail Mary” for each candle, extinguishing a candle after each prayer. You will have prayed one decade of the rosary.

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Pastor's Perspectives

August 31, 2014

Jesus, Man to Man men’s retreat is coming up in 2 weeks on Saturday, September 13 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Nationally recognized speaker and author Phillip St. Romain will be the presenter.  RSVP’s are needed so we know how much lunch to prepare.

I want to celebrate the wonderful concert by Sarah Hart and the Women’s Retreat the following day on August 16th. I have heard great praise of both events. Over 140 women came to the retreat. I want to thank the St. Vincent de Paul Endowment Foundation for their financial support.  I want to thank the Knights of Columbus for serving at lunch so the women could enjoy the retreat.  I have heard there is a desire for this to become an annual event.

An Annulments Workshop will be held September 11th at 7:00 in the Daily Mass Chapel. Read the Full Story